Tums & Tears

Current status: lying in bed while all my favorite people sleep safely under mounds of blankets. My thoughts are at war with my tired body. Anyways- I'm actually not this person. I'm usually the first to hit the hay. Tonight I'm up with tums and tears. And thoughts on thoughts on thoughts. Today my OB... Continue Reading →


Bruises & Blooms

I want to make a point to share the details through my blog. The ugly that isn't talked about, The goodness that we see in the middle of the ashes but we don't always share and FEELINGS. Because clearly I have enough of those to host a hallmark. I was on the phone yesterday with... Continue Reading →

Hills and Valleys pt2

If you haven't read PART 1, GO NOW. Only four days ago I was clutching the sides of my chair with an anxious heart and praising God. Singin' "What a Beautiful Name It Is" O U T L O U D inside Women and Children's Hospital like it was my day job. Two days prior... Continue Reading →

Hills and Valleys

Something I haven't shared- Mostly because I was waiting for the "right" time; a safe time. . . We're pregnant. & Baby3: your mere existence brings unspeakable joy. When the discovery of your precious life forming inside my belly occurred, my first thought was of something my brother said the night before he died. At... Continue Reading →

Healing Words & What NOT to Say

Words are so very powerful. They build and destroy. And when destruction comes, there are always well intentioned people to offer "support" and unwanted advice. And sometimes, all we really need is quiet; stillness. A chance to soak in the devastation and just have someone sit - with us - in the fire. No one knows... Continue Reading →

But Take Heart, John 16:33

It's been awhile since I shared my heart. It is no longer filled with anger. I'm no longer bound by hatred. The intensity of my emotions seem to have softened and the storm challenging my peace exists in smaller proportion since the initial devastation. I can look back now and see that God gave me... Continue Reading →

War with the Storm

Well. We just experienced our first residential tropical storm along the coast. It rained for weeks. When Tropical Storm Cindy arrived, we turned up Disney and made snacks. We played the tickle bug game while we hunkered down in the cozy pallets and mountains of pillows. There were rounds of laughter and huge messes scattered... Continue Reading →

Memorial Daze

Two weeks ago: ((Memorial Day Weekend)) We were in the car headed to another sunny day filled with giggles and splashes in the shallow waves of the gulf. Lance was driving, the kids were sleeping, and I was thumbing through loads of happy mommies posting to instagram when a song came on the radio that... Continue Reading →

Sweet Mercy

Our calls (into Gods' divine plan) may look so different. But what a beautiful reminder that our valley's are still working for our good. That even in the middle of heart ache, he is refining us. And all for our GOOD. Ahh, my heart! While I don't understand the pain my little brother endured- And... Continue Reading →

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