Meet Lauren

Through a collection of experiences, we develop how we think. Through defining moments, we become who we are. We learn and grow and change based on the experiences we live through.

I’m a daughter,  a sister, a wife and a mother. I love my husband and my family more than this life. My core belongs to them. I’m obsessively over protective of my children; probably because I was introduced to motherhood with a premature baby whom I watched fight daily for life in the NICU. (A defining moment).

Now my husband, Lance, and I have two children. And they challenge us –really challenge us. We don’t have all the answers. In fact, we frequently mess things up.. For starters, I speak first, think later. If I’m being honest, I also forget everything. While my thoughts are all over the place, I FEEL, deeply. Emotion and passion dictate my thoughts, actions and behavior.

The benefit of encumbering such faults:give me 24 hours, I won’t remember why I’m mad. I love HARD and I treasure my time with those I love. I may forget the conversation, but I hold steadfastly to the way it feels in our moments together.

When I started this blog, I was working full-time as a Communication Specialist at The University of Alabama. Marketing and Social Media are my thing. Now, as a stay at home mama, blogging surfaced itself as a new hobby and I suppose a way for me to release without overwhelming those around me.

I survived the suicide of my only brother on April 12, 2016. That night was the worst night of my life; Another defining moment. Writing has been a means of coping. Hopefully, it continues to be therapeutic. And possibly  capable of resonating with someone else’s grief.

To be clear, I’m sharing my grief story and writing to release. For my healing, I must talk about it, write about it. This journey has been the darkest time of my life. This blog started as a chance to dive deep into the waters of jthis hell that I wade. And warning: they’re dark. Grief has made a mess of my life lately. BUT, if through this journey of writing, you find your path coincides somehow with mine, please write me. So that I may hear your story, too.