Early Fathers Day GIVEAWAY

Ok I’m ahead of the curve (for literally once in my life)

Fathers Day is a couple months away. You’re welcome ladies πŸ˜‰ And I have a $100 Jord Watch giveaway hosted on Instagram πŸ€— (Enter the link in my bio NOW)

Alright, alright! I don’t do this often, Ok- so let me brag! Lance sacrafices more for our family than I could possibly put into words and I knew this year for his birthday, the kids and I should do something a little more special. With Lance, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, he’s constantly giving 100% of himself. At work, with his players; and when he comes home, he’s the first to hit the floor and wrestle Luka or tickle Emme. He always wants me to stay up (yes- passed this old lady’s bedtime) just to talk or cuddle and watch a movie. Every once (in awhile) he even massages my feet πŸ˜†πŸ˜† (that alone merits a present)

SO this year! We gave our best guy a timeless gift.

But Lauren- how do you choose “a timeless gift” for a man who has literally everything?πŸ€” AHH- I FEEL YOU! And I got you! 😘

I found this company- Jord Watches and Y’all.😍 I loved each and every piece. It’s difficult finding a men’s watch that meets all your needs. Legit- I’m scrolling their site to a sea of unique wooden minimalist designs. Super cute modern pieces, it was a tough choice.

I kept going back to he reallllly needs something less sporty (Which he already wears for football) and something manly yet formal. Ultimately I went with the Dover Koa and Black.

When the box arrived it was SO nice. It was housed in this beautifully carved wooden box. But the DETAIL of this watch is insane. When we gave it to him (the day before his birthday because let’s face it- I couldn’t contain my excitement) his face lit up. He was really impressed. And again- He admits I’m the best… πŸ˜‰

And I’m saying all this because you can enter the giveaway and be “the best” OR skip dad all together and buy something for yourself ! It’s SO easy it literally takes a second.


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