Flourish Motherhood

Anyone else live for these warm rainy days posted on the front porch with the sound of rain + a good read? Because 🙌🏼❤

Luka woke up wanting to talk about Moses today. His first question was “Moses REALLY trusted God didn’t he mom”? 🤗

Stay with me!! This is so good!

Not an hour later I started the laundry + dishes for the day. I made snacks and gathered the kids to enjoy the rain on the front porch. I open @flourishmotherhood and the second story is a Mother saying “I get Moses! God gave him an unexpected and overwhelming calling and his first instinct was to pass it off.”

And AMEN! I was thanfuk for that honest perspective! Because sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of a journey that, well, just.feels.unbareable. RIGHT? I mean it could be anything- motherhood, loss, an unexpected detour in our very planned lives… our purpose.. whatever!! And it is in these places God is saying TRUST ME. DO NOT LOSE SIGHT. I AM GOOD. I AM MAKING A WAY.

Moses, alone, couldn’t possibly have brought the Israelites to the promise land. But he took a leap of faith and TRUSTED God. He allowed God to USE him!

This mother’s words spoke to my heart today. Here is my prayer- that God can use each of us to bring HIM GLORY- that our shaken and broken foundations are the foundation of a stronger faith he rebuilds in us. I’ll tell You, I believe sometimes the only way to reach us is to shake our very core. If you are being shaken…I pray you trust Him! If you are hurting, I pray you trust HIM! And if you are tired or scared TRUST HIM.

On another note, God uses my son to show me who HE is, often. You would probably assume it’s the other way around, as I’m the mother. I can’t tell You (I could actually) the number of things Luka has said to me that I whole heartedly believe came from Jesus! And I’m so thankful for those beautiful reminders.

Lastly, Thank you @flourishmotherhood for sending me your first issue, I’m so grateful.

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