Prayers for his “One day Wife”

In the last week, my 4 year old has made a few comments about his “one day wife.” He wanted to know if he would marry his sister and I found it surpringly difficult to explain that while yes- one day she will be a bride, she will not be yours. “So she will be a mommy and I’ll be a daddy but we won’t even live in the same house!??”

😲😭The horror.

He’s FOUR and over the dissapointing convo. Currently he’s playing dinosaurs with his side kick and I hear both laughter and rawrs. I’m listening to them but my mind has drifted to our convo and his heart. And her.

Sweet girl who I do not yet know. I pray you will understand the significance of your role as his wife. You will be closer to my son and my heart literally beating and walking outside of my chest will belong to you for safekeeping. I am working and fine tuning him now to be the man you will need to lead your family. Don’t hold your breath for perfection- he’s got two imperfect coaches. Though hopefully he will be a reflection of his father. Faith builder, truth seeker and undeniably loyal.

I will stand behind you as if you were my own. And in this very moment I will rally your causes to heaven.

I hope you’re being raised by a family who loves you unconditionally and instills kindness into your heart.

I pray you are slow to anger and quick to forgive with a soft heart and a gentle spirit.

I pray your spirit is fed daily. And if it’s not, you receive Christ’s love and protection from those around you until you are lead into a relationship with Jesus for yourself.

I pray as you grow you’r reminded of your worth.

I pray you have a handful of the best girlfriends! An army of people to defend and love YOU through difficult days and you recognize the value in that love and loyalty and friendship.

I pray you loves my son unconditionally & together you both still love God more.

I pray Jesus prepares me to love you as my own and instill in me the characteristics you need.

And I pray we develop a friendship too.

I pray Emme loves you like her own sister and yall are able to share in your own laughter and love and friendship.

And Luka,

I pray you find an easy love. A love you don’t have to question. I pray the hardest days will be met with gentleness + forgiveness a million times over. And you give that in return. I hope I see you climb all the mountains and face every challenge. I pray for a full life covered in grace. And always {ALWAYS} the truth burried so deep in your vessel no one can destroy your spirit. I pray you find it in you to build others and never destroy. To share Jesus and know He is always with you.

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I'm a proud wife and mother. A grateful daughter and sister. A lover of the beach and views from the mountains. I'm a social media junkie and writer.

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