War with the Storm

Well. We just experienced our first residential tropical storm along the coast. It rained for weeks. When Tropical Storm Cindy arrived, we turned up Disney and made snacks. We played the tickle bug game while we hunkered down in the cozy pallets and mountains of pillows. There were rounds of laughter and huge messes scattered across the floor. We made tents and we pretended to find hidden treasures to help us survive.

All the fun in the world, but little man saw through the windows and he heard the wind in a way he never had before. His eyes grew big and for a few moments, I knew it genuinely scared him.

We talked about the power of storms. The fear of its’ destruction.

And then we talked about God.

I need for my children to hear it from me. I need them to know without a shadow of a doubt where our peace comes. Our circumstances change. Life is this web of good and bad and lots of grey. We get tangled and stuck when our focus shifts.  Even when we tread the path of destruction, we dare not lose sight. Don’t lose sight. I want to reiterate this message all the days of their lives.

Focus on the Lord. FOCUS. That’s it. . Let him battle, you need only be still. He loves you. It matters not where you are nor where you’ve been. It does NOT matter what you’ve done.           Surrender. It. All. And then breathe.

Currently, the winds have calmed and the rain is holding back. The sun is out for the first time in weeks! Much of the ground is flooded, but I took a lesson in rejoicing in the stillness of the storm and the warmth the sun shares through the (window) pane. This day is a pretty fair representation of my heart on the grief journey. I opened a couple of windows so the kids could feel the warmth and hope for what the day may hold. And since we don’t know tomorrow, here is to being thankful for today.

Published by The Ancard Abode

I'm a proud wife and mother. A grateful daughter and sister. A lover of the beach and views from the mountains. I'm a social media junkie and writer.

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