Pregancy: Grit and Grace

Stretch marks reach across my belly and stagger their way in all directions. My body changes unglamourously before my eyes in a way often difficult to see. The swelling has taken root again. Cutting off feeling and controlled mobility in my right hand. The tingles left behind are a reminder for me to get creative... Continue Reading →


Determining Value

I'm honored and excited to partner with Light and Shade Creative in a series of Determining Value. I find myself changed in this conversation as I grow. Certainly as a mom wondering how my kids see themselves, remembering my own struggle in this arena. Praying over their thoughts and planting seeds of love in their... Continue Reading →

Early Fathers Day GIVEAWAY

Ok I'm ahead of the curve (for literally once in my life) Fathers Day is a couple months away. You're welcome ladies 😉 And I have a $100 Jord Watch giveaway hosted on Instagram 🤗 (Enter the link in my bio NOW) Alright, alright! I don't do this often, Ok- so let me brag! Lance... Continue Reading →

Flourish Motherhood

Anyone else live for these warm rainy days posted on the front porch with the sound of rain + a good read? Because 🙌🏼❤ Luka woke up wanting to talk about Moses today. His first question was "Moses REALLY trusted God didn't he mom"? 🤗 Stay with me!! This is so good! Not an hour... Continue Reading →

Losing a Jack

  Most of us can look back and see the single pendulum moment that changed us, rerouting the course of our life. The moment you said I DO or got accepted into the school of your dreams; Maybe it is motherhood. And all of those are valid. I’ve birthed many beautiful moments in this life.... Continue Reading →

This Is Us

Like every one else on the planet, I'm drinking all the hot cocoa + watching This Is Us (via DVR) and Christmas movies all fall. Fa la la' pass me another tissue. And brownie. Anyways, I caught up to This Is Us moments ago. Discovering, yet again, how relatable their wreckage is. And I think... Continue Reading →

My Maker is Still Making Me

Last night I was catching up with an old friend about life and loss and ugly details which can burn us up if we're not careful to protect our spirit. And looking back I understand how fine that line truly is. Take this for instance, I'm filled with warm delicious coffee in a fun mug... Continue Reading →

What It’s All About

These two have played hard. In every room (and with every toy). Including the guest room where I've intentionally created a zero toy zone.🙅🏼‍♀️😣 So today includes lots of cleaning, BUT I ain't mad at it! They're getting along so well. And filling this home with rounds of deep BELLY LAUGHTER AGAIN! Hoping we had... Continue Reading →

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